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The Shure PGX SM58 system offers superior wireless technology, automatic set-up features and the legendary SM58 microphone. The system comprises of a PGX2/ SM58 Handheld transmitter and a PGX4 Diversity receiver. It is ideally suited for vocals and can be used by bands and presenters. FAST AND EASY SETUP, EVEN FOR A BEGINNER Simply press the channel button on the front of the receiver and it will perform a quick scan of the area and select a clear frequency to avoid any unwanted interference. Once this is done, sync up the receiver with your transmitter by pressing the sync button on the receiver and pointing the infrared port on the transmitter at the receiver. HOW MANY MUSICIANS CAN USE THIS SYSTEM SIMULTANEOUSLY? A maximum of 8 musicians can use PGX Wireless systems in parallel. One wireless system consists of one handheld transmitter and one receiver. IS THERE A DIFFERENCE IN SOUND QUALITY BETWEEN THIS SYSTEM AND A WIRED SM58? The design goal of wireless microphone systems is that the user cannot differentiate between a wired or wireless mic. The PGX system uses our patented Audio Reference Companding which makes the system sound more like a wired microphone than ever before, with less noise and greater dynamic range than other wireless systems. No artifacts, lower noise floor and clearer sound at all levels. MICROPHONE SHURE YANG ASLI / ORIGINAL MEMILIKI KARTU GARANSI RESMI DARI GOSHEN ELECTRONICS INDONESI A ( SATU - SATUNYA DISTRIBUTOR RESMI PRODUK MICROPHONE SHURE UNTUK SELURUH INDONESIA ) ... D I J A M I N ... ! ! ! INFO HARGA TERBARU, PERTANYAAN , SERTA PEMESANAN & PEMBELIAN , SILAHKAN LANGSUNG MENGHUBUNGI : " HANS MUSIK " . JL. OLAH RAGA 2. No. 9 , CONDET - JAKARTA TIMUR - Phone : 021 – 8092665 - Esia : 021 - 98625449 - Simpati : 081281514689 - INDOSAT IM3 : 085780637499 - XL : 081908958945 ( TIDAK MELAYANI SMS / PM / INBOX ) PEMBAYARAN DAPAT DILAKUKAN SECARA TUNAI & TRANSFER , MELALUI : - BANK BCA KCP OTISTA - Jakarta, A/ C : 5530312960 , a/ n: HANDY FREDDY ZOLANDA. - BANK BRI KCP Cililitan – Jakarta, A/ C : 1124 01 001522 50 3, a/ n : HANDY FREDDY ZOLANDA - BANK MANDIRI KCP DEWI SARTIKA Jakarta, A/ C : 900 00 071 3334 2 , a/ n : HANDY FREDDY Z MELAYANI PENGIRIMAN BARANG KE SELURUH INDONESIA VIA EKSPEDISI NB : HARI MINGGU & TANGGAL MERAH TUTUP e - mail : hans.musik@ / hansmusik.777@ Website : / /